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Hydrogen BBQ got a big tick from the AM Show

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Firstgas Group CE, Paul Goodeve and the Firstgas hydrogen BBQ featured on the AM Show this morning

Duncan Garner, Mark Richardson and Amanda Gillies put the BBQ to the taste test as they wanted to see if a hydrogen BBQ cooks the same as a gas BBQ.

Mark thought the taste of his sausage and bacon was more “moist” than if cooked on a normal BBQ and also said he thought about 82% of the population would be in favour of a hydrogen BBQ after they ate something off it.

To find out more about how gas is changing visit our website which is packed with information and updates on the future of gas in New Zealand.

Some quick facts about our hydrogen BBQ:

  • Hydrogen is water split into oxygen and hydrogen
  • In time a hydrogen gas bottle will be about the same size and price as an LPG bottle
  • Hydrogen generates the same amount of heat as LPG
  • The sound of the sizzle is exactly the same as our much-loved LPG BBQ
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